vendredi 8 juin 2007

" Ichi the Killer"

"Ichi the Killer" est un film asiatique de Takashi Miike. (prononcer Mickey). C'est d'un snob, vous trouvez pas? Tout le monde sait que les gens aimant le cinéma asiatique le sont, -dixit: Michael "Mickey" Augendre, chef-pupitre cinéma à l'hebdomadaire ICI. Avec un nom imprononçable par-dessus le marché; mais tu devrais être capable de dire celui-ci convenablement avec un peu d'effort. Répètes après moi: Mic-key...Mic-key...
Well, Ichi's got some news for you Mickey!
I'm out to chew on your dumb little head... And if I were you, I would start wearing
diapers right now 'cause when you see me, faeces of yours will be released against your
Well, you do that because I don't share your point of view which is to say that maybe
the purists do share your point but the public, that can be dumb every so often do
share also your point of view, but REMEMBER, I'm not the speaker of the unionized
actors, but they're right in many ways but not always and meoihut-40tikmv,
350ou91à, also30t93verlj... Et les puristes diront djfhigth ii wejgh wgoeo ! zzzzzz
Cut the bullshit and take a nap while you can. You can run Mickey, but you cannot hide...
You still have the time to stop polluting us with your crap by returning where you came
from, which is to say : the no man's land of your dumbness...

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